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Ray Ellis, the Founder and President of Save Your Heart, has been on both ends of the customer service spectrum.  He has worked for multiple companies in a customer service capacity and has interacted with many brick and mortar and online companies as a customer.  He knows what good and bad customer service looks like.  Ray has built Save Your Heart solely by word of mouth; customers referring new customers.  About 90% of the business is through repeat customers who order regularly.  We are so friendly with some of our long term customers that we consider them as part of our extended family.  Ray reads every email sent to  He may not respond personally (he has people for that).  But, if there is a problem, he knows about it and will make sure it is taken care of appropriately.  Ray, and everyone who works for Save Your Heart, knows that their continued success is dependent upon providing customer service that is beyond our customer’s expectations.

Every year in the United States 600,000 people die from heart disease and $450 billion is spent on treating heart disease.  Worldwide over 17 million die every year and the treatment cost is estimated to be well over a trillion dollars.  Most of these people don’t know that there is an alternative to statin drugs, baby aspirins, bypass operations, stents, angioplasty, etc.  The yearly cost of treating 18 million people with the Pauling Therapy Essentials Formula would be about $108 billion.  That’s one tenth of one percent of the current cost of treatment!  And we would be treating THE CAUSE and not just treating THE SYMPTOMS!

Our mission is to inform every person on planet Earth that there is an alternative to the medical industry’s “Standard of Care” for heart disease and to grant them the opportunity to purchase, at an affordable price, the very best nutritional supplement formula specifically designed to provide the support needed to maintain the normal, healthy functioning of their cardiovascular systems.

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