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MoJo 5.0 is proud to offer the best talk shows in the business. From The Doc Thompson Show to The Conservative Cartel and Cowboy Logic Radio, among many others, MoJo 5.0 boasts the best in the business.  When you need the truth, these shows bring the MOJO!

Featured Hosts

Doc Thompson

Co-Host, The Daily MoJo

Laughing and making people laugh are important to Doc. His medium of choice is of course radio. He dabbles in many styles with sarcasm and satire usually present. Although he is candid and forthright he loves good spirited practical jokes.

Brad Staggs

Co-Host, The Daily MoJo

DIY, HGTV, The Nashville Network, TheBlaze – what do they have in common? They were all stepping stones along Brad’s path to Mojo50. At least that’s the official story. In truth, he had a childhood dream of sitting next to Doc Thompson every day. Check that one off the bucket list.

Matt Locke

Co-Host, Marketplace of Liberty with the Conservative Cartel

Straight out of Fort Wayne, IN, Matt is a straight shooting, no holds barred conservative voice, who tells it like it is which has given credence to the moniker “The Conservative Sharpshooter”.

Ron Phillips

Co-Host, Marketplace of Liberty with the Conservative Cartel

Known as “Producer Ron” on the show, he is an accomplished voice over artist and engineering “genius”. Ron has produced several conservative talk shows  and does his best to keep Matt Locke in line.

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