Jeremy Hanson – Host

About Jeremy Hanson:

Jeremy believes in GOD FAMILY COUNTRY.  In that order.  He’s a realist and believes in the people of this country. He believes in the constitution and the foundations this country was founded on.  He believes our founding fathers were brilliant men and their ideas have elevated the human condition around the world but especially for the citizens of the United States of America.

Jeremy is a huge family man and and is happily married to his wife Myia.  Together they have 11 children.  Jeremy and Myia agree that their life has been blessed by God and they fight every day to allow those blessings to reach the rest of the country!!  He is blessed enough to be a natural leader and also blessed enough to be on the radio and tv.  “I love my God, my family and my country and I will fight to the death for all of them!!”