Our Sponsors

Our Sponsors and Affiliates

Mojo 5-0’s sponsors make it possible for us to do what we do every day and we are honored by their commitment to our station and for supporting the Mojo 5-0 message.

Among other things, sponsorship can include prominent placement on the the Mojo 5-0 website, monthly/weekly on-air and in-studio interviews, daily social media blasts, studio and phone line naming rights, product placement and much, much more!

Please check out the sponsor’s websites below and if you’d like to become a sponsor yourself, please visit the Become a Sponsor page!

Patriot Mobile

Here at Patriot Mobile, we believe that everyone should have the right to dictate how their hard earned money is spent. Every dollar that comes through Patriot Mobile goes on to help fund an American organization focused on principles such as family values, honoring our veterans, or helping out first responders. Promo code: DOC, THECONSERVATIVECARTEL or MOJO50 to have your setup fee waived.

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